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Winter Bird Hunting VIDEOS

The Flush,Pheasant Hunting,North Dakota, snow on the ground, 2:42 min.

Oh, what fun it is to ride…..The guys with the flush are hunting pheasant in North Dakota. It is a very wintery day.

Small Spreads for Snow Geese | 80 Bird Hunt, 3:32 min.

Hunting snows over small spreads of fullbody decoys is not an everyday or everywhere tactic. But it can be extremely effective in the right scenarios.

A Winter Grouse Hunt, 3:56 min.

Late season ruffed grouse hunting in Michigan, just prior to the late season closure of 2013.

Turkey Hunting NE Public Land Snow Bird, 1:46 min.

2018 shotgun opening weekend, post blizzard. No, ain’t tellin’ you where. Secret honey hole.

Ongaro’s Snow Goose Hunting in Alberta! 3:13 min.

Join Claudio Ongaro and the Hired to Hunt guides on your next snow goose hunt!

Duck Hunting In A Warm Water Slough on the Platte River in Colorado, 3:14 min.

Do you have the patience? As always scouting pays off on this freelance duck hunting adventure.

Woodcock hunting in the snow, 3:52 min.

If you have the patience: American woodcock hunting during a snowstorm in eastern NC.

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