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Winter Bird Hunting VIDEOS

The Flush, Pheasant Hunting North Dakota, Big Birds, lots of fresh snow 2:42 min.

The guys with the flush are hunting pheasant in North Dakota. It is a very wintery day. Big birds lots of snow on the ground. What more could a hunter wish for?

Montana Roosters In The Snow 2:42 min.

Roosters wake up after a sunny day to find the fallen snow provides a contrast to the day before, something that isn’t all that unusual in Montana.

Pheasant Hunting Holiday 5:58 min.

Hunting pheasants on public land in southern Wisconsin on Thanksgiving day. It was cold but the snow was welcome in the field as the roosters left their path in it. Later season forces the birds into ditch lines and fence rows.

North Dakota Blizzard Pheasants, Ducks & Geese | The Flush 22:01 min.

We end where we began. North Dakota, Pheasants, Ducks, Geese, the Big Birds. The Flush.

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