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Women Hunting VIDEOS

“Why I Hunt.” Hannah Barron about girls/women hunting, 3:51 min.

We are excited to present the newest member of the Total Outdoor Programming team, Hannah Barron!

Female Hunters, 1:38 min.

More and more females are pursuing game in the wild, including Taylor Reisbeck.

A Rifle Built For Women, 1:47 min

With a shorter length-of-pull, raised comb, and an angled, slimmed-down grip, the Savage Lady Hunter is built around female hunters like Megan Harten.

Her Whitetail Hunting Quest, 1:27 min.

There is a swell of huntresses, more specifically women bow hunters entering the hunting scene and the outdoor industry. The Buck Advisors’ very own Jessica Johnson is featured in “Her Quest Series” as she attempts to take her first deer with a bow.

American Hoggers: Krystal and Katie Go After the Same Hog, 2:02 min.

In this scene from the episode Campbell vs. Campbell, the Campbells and Wild Women Hoggers chase after the same hog. It comes down to a footrace between Krystal and Katie, with Katie coming out on top.

Encouraging Female Hunters to Get in The Game, 3:00 min.

With a population of 6 million, Massachusetts only has about 70,000 licensed hunters. And the overwhelming majority are – you guessed it – men. But as Connecting Point’s Cristina Quinn tells us, there’s a new effort to recruit more female hunters in the state.

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