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Would Florida proposal ban virtually all guns? Here’s what we know.

TAMPA BAY TIMES August 19, 2019 – Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody criticized a proposed amendment to ban assault weapons as “vague” and “misleading.” But after seeing her comments, advocates of the ban said it was actually Moody who exaggerated its scope.

“The way that they have phrased this language, it would ban virtually every firearm, including those that in no shape of the imagination would one think would be described as an assault weapon,” Moody said in defense of her challenge with the Florida Supreme Court.

She also said that the amendment would go beyond the type of weapons used in the recent mass shootings and include long guns passed down from generation to generation.

“We are not just talking about these types of weapons that we saw this weekend, we are talking about virtually every self-loading long gun,” she told reporters Aug. 5. (She made the same argument in her court petition.)

Advocates for the amendment said Moody misrepresented the goal, which is to ban the type of AR-15 or AK-47 rifles used in mass shootings that allow a shooter to quickly kill multiple people. But the proposed amendment does not specify those weapons, so it could apply to a wide range of popular guns, including semiautomatic shotguns.

PolitiFact Florida wanted to assess Moody’s warning for voters. Fact-checking what a proposed amendment would or would not do is not easy — especially since the courts could decide whether the question is eligible for the 2020 ballot. 

“Moody’s statement was an overstatement, but with a big element of truth,” he said.

One thing we can say for sure: The proposed amendment would not ban “virtually” every gun.

Moody’s remark focused on how it would affect long guns. But it’s clear that not all long guns would be affected, either.

The amendment would ban semi-automatic guns “capable of” holding more than 10 rounds. Semi-automatic guns are designed to fire one bullet with one trigger squeeze, then automatically reload the chamber with a cartridge from a magazine and be ready to fire again. [Read More]

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