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Bob Rogers

Thursday, May 24, 2018 —  Yesterday’s Los Angeles Times headline: Blaming everything but guns for the Santa Fe shooting makes Americans look ridiculous. We disagree:  Blaming everything but criminals for the Santa Fe shooting makes the L.A. Times look ridiculous.

The mainstream media earned its public criticism because it jumps to conclusions before it recognizes its own factual errors. Either that or – God help us – its position on guns is totally misinformed. If so, it’s time they consider sending their gun-coverage reporters back to school or, at best, an NRA training program. Of course, they’ll never do either because to do so might reveal their ignorance or their agenda and, of the two, their agenda is of greater importance to them.

There’s no question that much of America’s media leads their readers by the nose-spouting factitious memoranda that, filled with opinion lacks factual substance. Before the Santa Fe shooter  became one he was simply an innocent juvenile. That changed when he began his murdering spree and became a criminal. The Times and all the other misdirected media know it. They prefer to let fiction trump facts.

We don’t doubt the sincerity of the mass gun control advocacy. Guns have been around far longer than organized anti-gun advocacy. But that changed when Charles Whitman opened fire on University of Texas students from its administration building tower on August 1, 1966. Prior to that initial school shooting he was a law-abiding married young man with a good future but with a self-described disturbed mental state. But something went wrong in a twisted mind, and before he shot up the students Whitman wrote a note confessing to the stabbing deaths of his mother and his wife. He wrote that he didn’t want them to know what he was preparing to do from the university’s tower building. The stabbing made him a criminal much like Adam Lanza who killed his mother before murdering children at Sandy Hook Elementary in December 2012.

Those are the facts that put the American media on the road to reporting fiction about guns which would turn the majority of Americans against guns, at least until the NRA stepped in to challenge the press. Since those tragic days, the media has been on a campaign to control guns instead of criminals and, to this day, every shooting – accidental or criminal – is splashed in the ink of headlines made to appear as if the guns themselves are to blame.

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