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WV – HUNTING – The Squirrel Master Classic reminds us of winter hunting fun

The ravages of the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic seem to have no end. I’m sure all of my brothers and sisters in camo out there are as tired of all this as I am. Besides all the missed events like family gatherings and many other social events, if we are honest it has taken away from our outdoor endeavors as well. Traveling for distant hunting or fishing trips has certainly been curtailed, and sportsman-related events like SHOT Show, the NRA Convention and the National Wild Turkey Convention (it would be taking place this week) have all been canceled because of the nasty little Chinese bug. One of the events I look forward to every year is the Squirrel Master Classic which is held at the Southern Sportsman’s Lodge in Alabama. Sponsored by the air rifle company Gamo, this event draws outdoor personalities, outdoor industry writers, editors, 4-H shooters and squirrel dog handlers from all over the country. The Squirrel Master is the brainchild of Buckmaster founder Jackie Bushman and was his idea on how to solve the dilemma of falling hunter numbers and bring awareness to the value of small game hunting. Mr. Bushman looked at the problem like this. How do we get more new hunters, young and old, into hunting? What kind of hunting has easy access, lots of opportunities for success and not a lot of fancy gear required?  [full article]

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