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WV– Industry Insider – York County Planning Commission approves home-based firearms, gunsmithing business

York County could be getting a new gunsmith. On Feb. 10, the York County Planning Commission approved a special-use permit for a home-based firearms sales and gunsmithing business at 211 Henry Lee Lane near the Lafayette Gun Club and Crossroads Community Church. Andrew J. Piske and Stephanie M. Piske own the 0.4 acre property located in a neighborhood zoned R20 medium-density single-family residential and the special-use permit would allow them to use the existing single-family home with the detached garage for their business. “I am actually not the online retailer of the firearms,” Andrew Piske said at the planning commission meeting. “I am actually a representative of the ATF [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives] who is submitting the background checks to the state police and verifying their documentation.” “Again, I am not buying or selling the firearms, I am just the middleman who completes the background checks,” he added. Customers would be able to park directly on the property’s driveway and enter the business through the front door of the single-family house to a customer service area totaling 168 square feet. The home business also includes establishing 128 square feet of shop area in the detached garage which would not be accessible to customers. Piske said his business is word-of-mouth and will primarily deal with gunsmithing, including restoring, cleaning and assembling guns by using hand tools. The $20-25 “add-on” service fee is for people who buy guns online through a retailer and have them stored at the facility for pickup, as well as undergoing a background check, he added. Piske does not plan to advertise his business through an online website, hand out business cards with his address or have signage out front to let people know where his business is located.  [full article]

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