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WV – LE/RETAILERS – Commission discusses possible sale of Thompson submachine gun

Surplus property at the sheriff’s department was an item Tuesday on a county commission meeting’s agenda, but a discussion started because instead of a surplus deputy’s cruiser or piece of equipment, the surplus property was an iconic Thompson submachine gun. Sheriff Tommy Bailey brought the machine gun out of storage after the special county commission meeting. The weapon, in its original carrying case, included its shipping order; according to the faded receipt, Sheriff G.H. Crumpecker purchased the Thompson on April 6, 1938. Operating instructions were included. A space in the case for a drum magazine was empty, but there were four stick magazines. The machine gun itself was complete. “It’s been fired, but it’s been years,” Bailey said. The Thompson, sometimes known as a Tommy gun, was on the agenda during a special meeting of the Mercer County Commission. Listed as surplus property, Bailey was seeking to sell the Thompson to help raise money for his department’s new SWAT team. Commissioner Bill Archer asked whether the profits would go into the department’s pistol fund if the antique weapon was sold. Bailey said the money would be spent mainly on SWAT team equipment. County Clerk Verlin Moye said he believed the submachine gun needed to be preserved. He described it as a capital asset of the county. “Money comes and goes, but guns of that nature with historical significance, they do not come back,” Moye stated.  [full article]

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