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WV – OPINION – Getting a bead on 2021

OK, can we just decide here and now that 2021 is going to be better than last year? Good. I’m glad that we can agree on something. Mountain lion sightings, coyote origin and the best deer rifle aside, we as sportsmen (remember, that includes the girls) need to agree on some things! As usual, there are several things swirling in your outdoor, guns and hunting world, so let’s look at a few of them. Remington. If you are like me, it pretty much broke my heart last year when Remington Outdoors was split up and sold at auction during bankruptcy proceedings. In 1816, Eliphalet Remington II entered a shooting match with a flintlock rifle he made himself and left the match with so many orders from other shooters that he entered the gunmaking world. Remington is the oldest firearms company in America. Speaking for myself, I would love to see it survive. During the breakup of Remington, the ammunition side of the company was bought by Vista, the company that owns Federal ammunition, and from what I can tell Remington ammunition (known as “Big Green”) will soon be cranking out ammo in the green box. Word on the street is that the Federal people mean business and Remington will be making ammo under its own name.  [full article]

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