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WV – TRAINING – NRA Basic Defensive Pistol Course to be held Aug. 17, 18

Carry & Shoot With Confidence, a North Central West Virginia-based organization focused on firearm safe use, training and continued education, is offering an NRA Basic Defensive Pistol Course on Aug. 17 and again on Aug. 18 (pick your day) at a cost of $100/class (instruction, materials, range fee.) The course will be held at the Deputy Sheriff’s Range in Reynoldsville. This course focuses on developing techniques for personal, family, and property protection — a defensive mindset. During the class, students learn how to explain, demonstrate, and apply the NRA Rules for Safe Gun Handling when carrying a concealed firearm; basic principles of concealment; the difference between cover and concealment; drawing from the holster; levels of mental awareness; clearing common pistol problems/stoppages; use of pocket pistols and more.  [full article]

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