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WY – CAMPUS GUNS – Another Wyoming district to consider draft guns-in-school policy

A school board in Wyoming is about to consider a proposal to allow teachers and other school employees to carry concealed guns. Campbell County School District officials plan to present a detailed proposal they’ve written to the school board Tuesday. If approved after two readings, the district would become Wyoming’s fourth to allow teachers and others to carry concealed guns on campus.

When the policy would take full effect after that is unknown. The district first would need to take a number of steps such as choosing a firearms trainer, Deputy Superintendent Kirby Eisenhauer said.

“It wouldn’t be the next day, obviously,” Eisenhauer said. Under the proposal, any employee who wanted to carry a concealed firearm on school district property would need to apply with the superintendent. They would need to have been district employees for at least five years and not have had any disciplinary action within five years. They would need to have a state concealed-carry permit, submit to a background check, consent to drug and alcohol testing and take a psychological suitability exam. They also would need to take at least 56 hours of firearm and scenario-based training and at least 24 hours in annual training, the Gillette News-Record reports. The policy also specifies which firearms would be allowed. The weapon would need to be either on the employee or in a locked container. The gun could be used only if somebody else threatened to kill or cause serious injury with a weapon.  [full article]

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