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WY – GUN RIGHTS – Wyoming Legislature considers repealing gun-free zones

JACKSON, WY – March 3, 2021 – Wyoming lawmakers will consider a new law allowing people with concealed carry permits to take guns into areas where firearms were previously prohibited, such as schools and legislative meetings. House Bill 117 and Senate File 67 would repeal gun-free zones in government meetings, public schools, public university buildings and professional athletic events. Only those with state-issued concealed carry permits would be legally allowed to carry guns in those areas.

The draft law has generated some confusion. Wyoming does not require concealed carry permits for residents to carry firearms in other unprohibited areas. However, under the proposed law concealed carry permits would be required to take firearms into the previously gun-free zones. When Bob Culver of the Jackson Hole Tea Party heard about the bill, he questioned whether those operating under constitutional carry would be affected.

“It raises some sticky issues,” Culver said. “It’s not a simple thing. The laws are a little convoluted.”

Under the proposed bill, school districts would still be able to regulate their employees’ possession of firearms on school property. Granting employees concealed carry rights would require a vote by a school district’s board of trustees. Additionally, students would not be allowed to carry guns into schools because anyone younger than 21 is not eligible for a concealed carry permit.  [full article]


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