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WY – GUN SAFETY – House Says Teach Wyoming Students Video Games and Hollywood Get Guns Wrong

The Wyoming House of Representatives passed Senate Joint Resolution 01 on third reading on Tuesday, March 10. The resolution aims to encourage, though it would not require, firearm and hunter education as an elective physical education option in Wyoming. The House adopted an amendment to the version of the resolution passed by the Senate. “Firearm and hunter education programs teach the state’s youth not only how to hunt but also how to use weapons responsibly and how to respect weapons and their capabilities while attempting to demonstrate that using a firearm is not akin to playing a video game, all of which could reduce the occurrence of severe incidents or mistakes involving a firearm,” the original resolution states. The House amendment changes this section to state that “a firearm is not akin to depictions in entertainment.” Since the House adopted an amendment, the resolution will return to the Senate for a concurrence vote. The Senate had passed the resolution on third reading on Feb. 27. The resolution aims to “urge and request the game and fish commission to work with the state superintendent of public instruction and the state board of education to provide firearm and hunter education as a voluntary physical education elective in public schools.” Under the initial proposal, the resolution would have called for the establishment of such P.E. courses specifically in high school. The Senate adopted an amendment to the resolution so that it would push for such courses in all public schools.  [full article]

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