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WY – SHOT SHOW – Gunwerks enters into a new phase of stock design and manufacturing to be seen at SHOT Show (VIDEO)

PR NET  January 19, 2018 – Gunwerks has announced three all new stock designs featuring our signature design geometry. Each stock serves as the platform for a unique precision shooting system. Each stock comes in an advanced aerospace-grade carbon fiber, or a more affordable fiberglass option.

Gunwerks ClymR Stock The ClymR makes the ultimate mountain rifle ready for long range. The most long-range-capable, ultralight stock in existence. Gunwerks Magnus Stock With the second generation Magnus design, we significantly improved from previous models, lighter, stronger and with additional features and adjustability. The ultimate do-all stock for long range hunting and shooting. Gunwerks Verdict Stock Heavy-hitting and capable at extreme ranges, this build packs a punch! Whether built to tame the largest magnums or stay on target through strings of fire in competition, the Verdict is the final answer. [full article]

Learn more at: https://www.gunwerks.com/stocks

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