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Yellowstone Wildlife Encounters VIDEOS

Bison Chases a Crowd at Old Faithful, 2:03 min

This video includes two perspectives. The first segment is shot from a distance, while the second was filmed by one of the visitors being chased.

Young girl hurt after bison throws her into the air at Yellowstone, 1:06 min

A 9-year-old girl from Odessa, Florida was hurt after being tossed into the air by the bull bison at Yellowstone.

Yellowstone bison in rut surrounds woman on motorcycle. 1:33 min.

Yellowstone Park bison in rut approached me on my motorcycle. I had to stop after 2 bison ran on the road and stopped in front of me.

Yellowstone Elk Encounter, 4:31 min.

When elk fall in love, even a snowmobile looks good to them.

Elk attack in Yellowstone a reminder to keep safe distance, heed warnings, 2:01 min.

A park visitor was attacked by a bull elk in Yellowstone National Park.

Grizzly Bear Attack in Yellowstone National Park, 2:24 min.

A man has died after a run-in with a grizzly bear — the first fatality in a quarter century.

Yellowstone Grizzly Bear – “Attacks” Car, 4:01 min.

This grizzly bear was really hoping to have lunch with my friend David Peters, his wife Valerie, their niece Sage, and my daughter Elise *in* their car…or maybe it was just interested in that open bag of beef jerky.

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