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Yellowstone Wildlife in Winter VIDEOS

Winter Wildlife in Yellowstone 3:20 min.

Yellowstone National Park has often been referred to as the “serengeti” of the United States, and for good reason. For me personally, winter is the most magical time of year in Yellowstone. It’s the best time of year to see bobcats on the Madison river, elk, elk rut, bison in snow, wolves, coyotes, fox, birds, and many more.

Winter in the Park: Yellowstone Winter Wildlife 8:32 min.

This video compilation features footage of Yellowstone wildlife and scenery filmed over three weeks in the winter of 2012-13. Subjects include moose, coyotes, wolves, American dippers, elk, pronghorn, ravens and even a northern pygmy owl.

Yellowstone, WY – Winter Animals 3:24 min.

Join us on a winter animal watching trip through Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. See bison, wolves, grizzlies, elk and many other animals in the Winter snow.

Winter in Yellowstone: Wildlife 2:15 min.

Bison, wolves and elk aren’t hard to spot during the winter months at Yellowstone National Park.

Winter in Yellowstone National Park 3:55 min.

Winter in Yellowstone is a place and a season like no other. Filmed in high definition, here are some highlights of things to do and experience in winter in our nation’s oldest national park. The wildlife is active – elk, wolves, bison, coyotes – all are out and active, and seeing the parks wonders on snowshoes and cross country skiis is amazing.

Yellowstone in Winter: -20°F to 200°F | National Geographic 1:17 min.

Take a stroll through the ice and snow in the world’s first national park, where temperatures dip to minus 20°F, and watch 200°F water boil over in one of the world’s rarest natural phenomenons.

Camping and Exploring Yellowstone’s winter wonderland 7:42 min.

For 31 years, Yellowstone Expeditions has been guiding tourist and back country skiers into the heart of Yellowstone National Park during the winter. Yellowstone Expeditions offers the only tent camping company in the park.

Living through winter at Yellowstone National Park 8:35 min.

Steve Fuller is the Winter Caretaker of Yellowstone National Park – one of just a handful of hearty souls who remain in the wilderness long after the summer tourists have gone. He’s stuck out the solitary existence of the position for 42 years, ever since the winter of 1973.

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